Thank You for your Donation!! Following kind of donations are available:

Annaprasadam Among all the forms of charity, Annaprasadam is considered as an act of highest virtue. Sharing food is sharing life. That is the reason Annaprasadam is even called jeevandan. It is believed that this offering brings Punya for the offerer and removes sins of past birth.
Silver Simhasanam
Sai devotees wish to see Baba with Silver Simhasan, with baba blessings SSCI raising funds and requesting donations.
Platinum Sponsor - $10,116
Diamond Sponsor - $5,116
Gold Sponsor - $1,116
Silver Sponsor - $516
Bronze Sponsor - $116
or any desired donation
Havan Exhaust System To perform Havan inside the mandir, SSCI decided to install secured exhaust system.
Parking lot Pole Lights SSCI planned to enhance parking lot lighting system for better visibility.
General Donation All General Donations

You can donate for any one type of donation.